Sektörel Çözümler Dayanıklı ama aynı zamanda güvenli olan poliüretanlar bize konfor sunmaktadır. Poliüretanlar rahat bir modern yaşamın temellerindendir. poliser

Artificial Leather

Poliser PU is Turkey's first artificial leather polyurethane producer. Poliser PU produces polyurethane resins in all stages of artificial leather production (top surface, middle surface, bonding), coagulation and lac. Polyurethane resins are separated from each other by their physical and chemical properties according to their production stage.
Poliser making great efforts for sustainability and environmental protection, is the only company in Turkey synthesizing bio-based artificial leather polyurethanes with innovations that it has made, and is the first and only company in the world reaching 70% bio-material ratio without DMF at the same time.